Why it works

Let our members tell you why they believe in 7AM

“The quality of the people and the discussion was terrific”

George Cselko, Solicitor

“7AM provides a fantastic opportunity to meet with peers over a relaxed breakfast whilst supporting each other in making new connections, driving new opportunities and ultimately converting new business!”

Gary James, Trend Gravity


George Cselko, Solicitor

“Being involved in one of the most successful networking groups in London, I could not help noticing the high turnover of valued members. Having spoken to some former and some existing members, it was clear that the weekly meetings were simply too much of a time commitment for anyone with an established business. Neither was it necessary to meet every week in order to maintain the trusted business relationships that had been developed. We therefore decided to convene a meeting for anyone interested in starting a new monthly networking group and 19 people turned up to launch 7 AMonth in October. The quality of the people and the discussion was terrific!”


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